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About Us

Technical Construction Company anaplassis has been active in building design and construction since 2000. The company was set up by the Architect George Holevas, continuing the tradition of the family business in the construction industry since 1974. His works include studies, constructions and oversights building projects of detached houses, apartments, commercial spaces, specialized projects as well as complete renovations of any kind.

We, at anaplassis, propose various refurbishment packages, which can be tailored to the needs of our customer. A menber of out scientific team will visit you and will find, with you, the most appropriate solution for the renovation of your space, drafting a detailed cost analysis and proposing the best financial package, always in cooperation with you.

Our Team expertise


George Cholevas is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, he is certified from the Minstry of Public Works at the Constructors Experience Registry at C Class budgets for Building works and B Class budgets for Landscape . He has postgraduate studies in energy efficient and bioclimatic systems. He has extensive experience in organizing and building management of both public and private works and knows how to prepare and maintain the Project Quality Plan, with the necessary quality controls as per regulatios. He has experience as an on site technician with regards to safety standards and regulations.

The specialized personnel of the company consists of Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, as well as specialized technicians with a long experience. 

Our Services

We are in a position to guarantee the best result for the work we undertake.
Our experienced team is the assurance for the best aesthetic outcome which consists of specialized technicians for works such as:

Energy class home renovation complete projects
Concrete works
Tile roof construction
Wall construction
Coatings of any nature
Insulations-Waterproofing-Thermal insulation
Thermobases - thermal facades - solar gain
Electrical installations of any nature.

Marble and tile coatings
Kitchen-cabinets and general carpentry work
Concreteboard, Plasterboard and decorative panels, suspended ceilings

Alarms, access control and weak currents installations in general
Hydraulic installations and services of any kind
Heating, air conditioning
Auxiliary spaces. Garage, garage doors, storage rooms, playroom, sheds
Construction - restoration of the surrounding area

Spatial Study

Precost analysis


Finally, we undertake all kinds of special and specialized constructions, such as the study and construction of professional spaces for galleys, laundry, laboratories, industrial sites of any scale, tailored to your requirements. Our deliverables are products of years of experience in the construction of large projects both in the private and public sector.