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A building of exceptional architectural value is preserved, getting away with abandonment and dilapidation.

ATHENS ANAPLASIS in collaboration with the Unified Social Security Institution (EFKA) and
the Non-Profit Company under the name “Academy of Lyric Art Maria Callas” submitted a
participation proposal to the Invitation – Procurement under the name “Interventions for

the redevelopment and upgrade of building stock which is located in an prime urban area
and relates to a network of historical, environmental or cultural routes” under the
Operational Program “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development”
(NSRF 2014).
The aim is to restore and structurally rehabilitate what used to be the residence building of
the renowned Greek lyric soprano Maria Callas, and to highlight this important architectural
landmark that will host a high standard well equipped Lyric Academy of Music. The
necessary modifications will be implemented to adapt to the new function of a lyric
Academy, that will eventually upgrade and revive the historic and cultural importance of the
district area.