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Ermou Street Undergoes a Transformation by ‘Anaplasi Athens SA’

One of the most significant urban renewal projects moves to the next phase. The plan to
revitalize the lower part of Ermou Street, from Kapnikarea to Thisios station, has been
approved by the Central Council of Architecture (KESA), following a proposal by the
renowned architectural office Tense Architecture Network, which won first prize in the
architectural ideas competition organized by “ATHENS ANAPLASIS S.A.”
The approved plan promises to transform the area, with a focus on enhancing the
pedestrian experience. Sidewalks will be widened, and the parking lot will be removed,
making way for a beautiful tree line to be added next to the sidewalk.
This project is a major milestone for the redevelopment of Athens, and with the promising
plans in place, we can look forward to a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly Ermou Street that
will be a joy to experience for locals and tourists alike.