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Redevelopment of Vasilissis Olgas Avenue – One of the most beautiful routes in Europe

Τhe mayor of Athens , Mr. Konstantinos Bakoyannis and the CEO of ANAPLASIS ATHENS S.A,
Mr. Polychronis Akritidis signed the contract for the “Redevelopment of Vasilissis Olgas Avenue”.
The iconic Vasilissis Olgas Avenue is set to undergo an exciting transformation.This project
promises to unify the historic Olympeion with the beloved Zappeion and the stunning National Garden, creating an unparalleled archaeological route from Kerameikos to the hill of Ardittos and the iconic Panathenaic Stadium. One of the key features of the redevelopment is its commitment to accessibility.
Adding to the appeal of the Avenue, the project also includes the preservation and
enhancement of historic structures. A Roman balance, located 70 meters west of the
entrance to the archaeological site on the south-southwest sidewalk of Vasilissis Olga
Avenue, will undergo excavation work to uncover its surface remains. Once complete, a
structure will be erected to protect and showcase the site’s fascinating history.
Overall, the redevelopment of Vasilissis Olgas Avenue promises to elevate one of the most
beautiful routes in Europe to even greater heights, offering accessibility and preserving the
rich history of the area for generations to come.